Welcome to F6 Tech

We are a global company offering sophisticated telematics solutions to fleet operators and the insurance Industry worldwide.

Why Choose F6 Tech?

By embracing the F6 Tech solution, insurance companies and fleet providers have the opportunity to create new products and services for their clients which will enable them to generate a long term strategic advantage over their competitors.

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What is it?

The F6 Tech solution delivers the next stage in telematics technology. Our market leading independent technology captures ‘6 degrees’ of vehicle measurement, capturing all movements to a vehicle.

What does it do?

The F6 Tech solution is a platform designed to deliver a wide range of services on vehicular usage, including crash reporting, advanced dangerous driver behaviour detection and fleet management services.

What are the benefits?

The feature rich vehicle usage information results in safer drivers reduced cost for insurers with accurate claims assessment and risk profiling. Improving efficiencies and lowering costs for businesses with our fleet management applications.

Geo Fencing

Crash Reporting

Fleet Management

Driver Behaviour

Stolen Vehicle