How it Works

The F6 Tech solution has three core elements. The black box or Event Data Recorder installed in the vehicle is a powerful computing device capable of two way communication; both sending data captured and receiving commands. Valuable data captured by the EDR is instantly transmitted to our secure cloud environment, known as the information store, where it is simultaneously stored and processed. This resulting information is presented in real time through web and mobile interfaces to businesses and organisations.

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Event Data Recorder


  • 6 degrees of freedom measurement capability
  • Event driven
  • Low cost
  • Small & easy to install
  • Powerful mini-computer
  • Multiple external interfaces
  • Remote upgrade capability

Information Store


  • Seamless integration into existing¬†systems
  • Open architecture
  • Scalable ~ Pay-as-you-grow
  • Immediate global capability
  • No onsite hardware or software required
  • Highly customisable¬†applications



  • Fleet summary & vehicle information service
  • Customised data presentation
  • Driver behaviour & profiling
  • Real time event processing
  • Fuel consumption, eco driving & more
  • Services orientated architecture