The F6 tech solution allows insurance providers to reduce their costs and offer lower, more competitive premiums to their customers. Providing real time driver insight, enabling insurers to offer more suitable and accurate policies such as
'Pay as you Drive', 'Pay How you Drive' & 'Manage How you Drive'.

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Monitoring and Improving Driver Behaviour.

Our advanced patented risk algorithm allows insurers to accurately assess risk and better manage drivers.

Real Time Notifications.

Providing insurers with real time information to respond accordingly to crash & other events.

Fleet Management Services.

Added benefit for commercial customers with fleets.

Detailed Crash Reports.

Improving the claims service by providing accurate claims assessment and fraudulent claims identification.

Driver Feedback.

Mobile applications providing policyholders with immediate feedback on their driving performance.

Vehicle Theft Recovery.

Locate vehicles in real time and alert on Geo-Fence activity.

Geo Fencing

Crash Reporting

Fleet Management

Driver Behaviour

Stolen Vehicle